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Photoreactor m2

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Streamline Photoredox Catalysis for Light-Intense Applications

The Photoreactor m2 is an advanced benchtop instrument that accelerates chemical reactions using photoredox catalysis and puts research parameters in your control. Achieve greater standardization, repeatability, traceability, efficiency, and consistency of results when you add the m2 to your lab.

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    • Key Features

      •  Modular design allows for use of wavelengths
      •  360-degree reflective environment maximizes surface area photon capture
      •  Light shield interlock prevents user exposure to harmful light rays
      •  Interactive touch screen controls reaction parameters

      •  Intertek ETL, CE, and CB approved
      •  Auto stop, pause, and reset options
      •  Supports vial sizes gc, 4, 8, 20, 40 ml
      •  Temp feedback using a k-type thermocouple
      •  Parameter standardization

    • Technical Features

      • Light module options: 365, 395, 420, and 450 nm
      • Touch screen: 3.5" TFT LCD; 320 x 480 resolution
      • Variable stir bar control: 100 - 2000 RPM
      • Temperature monitoring: K-Type Thermocouple
      • Reactor vial holders: 4, 8, 40 mL & gc

    • Included in Your Purchase:

      • Base Unit
      • 450nm Light Source
      • 8ml Reflector
      • 40ml Reflector
      • gc Vial Spacer
      • 4ml Vial Spacer
      • 8ml Vial Spacer
      • 20ml Vial Spacer
      • Protective Light Shield