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Designed for Uniformity and Versatility

Allowing for both single and multiple growth plates to be irradiated simultaneously, cLight enhances statistical comparison between protein interaction networks.

The cLight joins the Acceled Photoreactor product line to add versatility and functionality for biochemists.

*Special academic pricing available.* Create an account with your academic institution credentials and use code cLightEDU at checkout.
  • Key Features

    • Single or multi-plate catalysis experimentation
    • Uniform LED illumination and cooling in a single device
    • Enhanced statistical comparison between protein interaction networks
    • User-customized time, light intensity, and temperature
    • Faster, repeatable, comparable results

  • Technical Specifications

    • External dimensions: 18" L x 11.375" W x 6.7" H
    • LED active area: 12.9” x 8.6”
    • 4.3" diagonal touch screen
    • "6-plex" dish at 90.5mm (3.56") diameter holds up to six dishes
    • > 95% uniformity across working area of illumination